Wagering requirements protect the interest of online casinos that don’t require deposits. It prevents players from opening multiple accounts to cash their winnings, even if they have no intention to become regular players.

Online casinos often offer bonuses in addition to the usual perks like complimentary drinks and food for players. One such bonus is the no deposit bonus. This gives new players free money to play at the casino tables while also earning real money.

No initial success for no deposit casinos

This bonus may seem appealing and attractive to some, but it was a huge failure with the rise of online casinos. The abusers of no deposit bonuses with very few casino players saw a significant increase in the gambling industry.

To receive sign-up bonuses and cash out quickly, players would open multiple fraudulent accounts.

Wagering requirements – A solution to frauds involving no deposit bonuses

The ultimate solution to no deposit bonus fraud is the introduction of wagering conditions. Online casinos can finally breathe a sigh of relief from the huge losses caused by no deposit bonuses. The terms of no deposit bonus casino bonuses with wagering conditions are modified to protect the interests of online casinos and still allow real casino players to enjoy the same benefits. The wagering requirements are also known as playthrough requirements. They can vary from one casino website.

What does it take to meet these requirements?

Wagering requirements are the most important aspect of wagering. Players must wager more than the initial deposit they made to cash any winnings from a no deposit bonus casino.

The casino will determine how many times the original deposit should be used. Before claiming a no deposit bonus, players should read the terms and conditions. To cash out the winning amount from a no deposit bonus, players must play and place wagers equal to 15x the amount of their initial deposit.

Is it fair?

While this may seem unfair to some, it is fair for real players. Online casinos can avoid signing up for these bonuses to have fun and make money, but not to be regular players. This bonus is offered by no deposit online casinos to encourage players to play online casinos.

Additional variations may be made in wagering requirements

These wagering requirements can be complicated because some casinos give certain percentages to games that may reduce or increase the target player for meeting these requirements. For example, this means that if the percentage of poker is 40%, then a $100 wager would only contribute $40 towards the wagering requirement.

Each bet brings the player closer towards the goal. Therefore, you should ensure that you read all wagering requirements for the online casino where you play.